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When you sell  your car , or it’s no longer in your possession, it’s your responsibility to lodge a Notice of Disposal . If you fail to do this and you no longer have the car, you could be held responsible for parking, toll notices and other driving offences until the new registered operator transfers the registration into their name.

Lodging a Notice of Disposal helps you avoid unnecessary fines. If you receive a toll notice or infringement for a car  you no longer have in your possession, you have the opportunity to advise the issuing agency that you’re no longer responsible for the vehicle, generally by submitting a Statutory Declaration advising name and address , Licence number,disposal date and so forth of the new operator .

When selling your car to Cash For Cars Now we ensure that all disposals and transfers are carried out promptly , avoiding the unnecessary drama of completing , witnessing and lodging statutory declarations . Contact Cash For Cars Now on 1300 78 12 78 or visit our website


  1. This is good information for anyone looking to sell your car in Sydney.

  2. Thanks Kylie wish more people would be more concerned about this aspect of selling their car !

  3. i sold my mini cooper s convertible r52 with rego DFE07K at cash for cars Granville. I went to RTA website 2 days ago and realised the car is still under my name. i sold it just 2 days before my rego is due around the 6th of October 2017 on a Friday.

    i signed the RTA form given by the car reseller. As a business you are responsible in making sure you operate accordingly and be responsible.

    RTA doesnt really stipulate the sole responsility in a consumer to business. in fact the busimess need to lodge the notice of disposal if not how if the car yard going to sell the car and transfer it to the new owner?

    if it's a buyer to seller relation tham yes the seller selling the car should lodge it to avoid possible parking and traffic infringments or ctp related matters.

    in a seller to buyer relation, both party can do it so even the buyer can lodge it. the question now goes back to why cars for sale bought the car without transferring to their business. what is their intention and what is the current situation relating to the car.

    one scenario could be that the car has been ripped apart and the parts are individually sold because fixing the car and repairing it is just not economical and will likely attract a minimal profit if not lost. too much work. apparently the gasket is having a second round of issues.

    on top of that theres the bonnent to replace and repainted. a mini part needs to be purchased at trivette store to be attached back on to the bonnent, radiator issue, minor scratxhes, rego and ctp. to fix it, labour cost would be around $5k just for the gasket work. Rip the car apart and resell all its part. just the engine itself is worth more than $5k.
    granville second cash for car, you need to lodge the notice of disposal.

    i am not responsible for anything at all. it is about business operations responsibility. it was sold for $3500 cash. i only signed the rta form with my signature. spent like hour and a half there bargaining. so tired i evem forgot about not being given priof of sale. it was cash exchange.

    the money was counted and agreed the amount totals $3500.when i got home to i counted the miney again with my mum theres only $3400.look that doesnt matter i fucked up.
    anyways i attempted to lidge it but rta doesnt recignise the dealer licence number listed on your website.

    i dont know which dealer licence you got it registered for your many business entity. the fact is i couldnt dispise it and the car is still under my name. you as a dealer need to lodge it and pay the associated tranfer fee because you are a business.


  4. Hi Aaron sorry you didnt sell your vehicle to me , maybe the dealer you sold your car to had a generic sign or advert "Cash for Cars" thats why its important to lodge a notice of disposal with correct details of buyer , if I were you I would approach the dealer you sold the vehicle to at Granville and get the correct disposal details to lodge to the RMS. Cheers Dave

  5. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for replying. I will get in touch with the second hand dealer. They need to lodge it as a business. They haven't done it is because they haven't sold the car or planning to sell the car. I'm not paying for the disposal fee of the vehicle.

    I don't know what is going on. Yes, i might not have proof that it was sold as it's cash in hand and i didn't get a receipt. Doesn't matter, there's CCTV at the caryard office anyway.

    Elias is the owner's name. Trading as Auto Alley Family Cars, 299 Church Street, granville advertising Cash for Cars banners. Yes i found his business card. You should know Elias since you're in the same game.

    Sorry Dave, you're right. Cash for Car Banners are confused as if that's the business name bordering trademark breaches. The Cash for Cars are everywhere representing your registered business name and intellectual property rights. It's a type of advertisements now. Good name indeed Cash 4 Cars. Smart man David no wonder smart become becomes millionaires.

    Cheers Aaron

    1. Hi AAron hope is all sorted out with your disposal issue.Thanks again for you reply. regards Dave

  6. The Cash for Cars are everywhere representing your registered business name and intellectual property rights. It's a type of advertisements now.
    Cash For Used Cars Redcliffe

    1. Hi Bella thanks for your reply , hope all is well up there in QLD , yes you are right "Cash For Cars" is a generic slogan and can be used in advertising. cheers

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