Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When is the best time of Year to sell your Car ?

 Want to sell your car ?, and have investigated the where's and how's of doing this. There is enough information online on the methods and systems involved. It is easier to find a abundance of sites on-line to list your car for sale.

 But what about the argument ‘when’ , is it important to consider about the time of the year when it is best to sell of your car? Is there really a discipline to time the sale of your car ?

 There can be numerous aspects to the timing of the sale. If you move towards a calendar approach to deciding, then the months from January to December do throw up some answers. Tied to the months are some events of a individual or a universal nature that could prompt a spike in the likelihood of sale and getting a superior price in certain months.

 End of Calendar Year approach

 In December, with the end of the calendar year, dealers are keen to free from the unsold stock of the year. This is the moment in time when they give massive factory discounts and enormous offers to attract buyers. In January too, the big offers, Bonuses on unsold cars carry on, end of year sales , run out models and so forth, This is the time many customers postpone their buying to.

 But even in the used car marketplace, this signifies possibilities. While it is principally the new cars that people go after during this stage, however with the vast promotional budget spent a large portion of these purchasers also look out to buy a used car at a bargain price.

 The financial year end approach

 June is financial year end. This is a another time of the year when the market is awash with deals and offers. Look around and the majority of brands and dealers are trying their best to draw in the marketplace, It can work both ways. There will be solid contest from both new and used cars which creates a bigger prospective customer base.

 Festive season approach

 December is another good month that sees people eager to rejoice and to splurge. Festive time also brings holiday makers, travellers looking for that improvement in legroom to a SUV or 4X4 Wagon. This can be seen as a good time to aim at near new car buyers or Holiday type people movers. Christmas cheer also spreads to the used car market, being just as good as a new one to the used car buyer. Another explanation is that this produces a transfer in a used car owner looking to buy a new one. In turn, this is a time when used car buyers may hang around to get a good deal.

 Other cyclic approaches

 It may be smart judgment waiting for certain times of the year when people increase their decision to acquire a second car. Used cars are typically a good option for that. Changes in weather conditions like the start of summer or the rainy period or even the colder months can be a promising  time to sell certain models. For instance, if your car is a convertible, the likelihood of sale may be lesser if you put it up just before the rain or throughout winter, but may sell immediately in early summer.

likewise, timing your sale along with the college season could be a smart way of securing a improved likelihood of disposal of a particular car at a first-rate price. Graduation time does see used cars getting sold , when the first car buyers enter their driving life and obtain their licences. With the advent of Automatic licensing for drivers many first time drivers go for the effortless way obtaining their licence in an Automatic car. This increases the command for these small automatic vehicles, there is a higher chance of a sale at a superior price in this type of vehicle in these times.


 Assume you have a excellent used car on your hands, is it a good idea to go by the above timing approach and going by established market trends ? is this the best method to assure yourself of finding the best time to sell your car ?.Well whether it is January or June or any of the cyclic periods, the timing isn't that critical for a used car sale.

 There are wide-ranging aspects that be a sign of a superior time certain months of year as next to the others for particular vehicles. Like new cars, there are some makes and models that would do better than others year round. But, not like new cars, used cars are reliant mainly on their own merits. A badly maintained and low class car despite the season or month will be hard to sell. However, a car that has been looked after well with an outstanding service history, priced correctly and presented well, will sell whichever month of the year. There is a value for everything, all is dependent on the market's command for that particular vehicle given the existing buyers exposed to the vehicle at the time of sale.

 At Cash For Cars Now we know the demand for your car, will identify the best suited market at the fairest return to you ASAP. We settle immediately in Cash , bank cheque or by bank transfer, You don't need to go into detail nor comprehend the principal factors, we do all the work for you. We ensure all documentation is carried out legally. We perform upon your call rapidly, punctually with courteousness.

 For more information go to our website or contact us 7 days a week till late on 1300 78 12 78 for a free appraisal over the phone.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Selling your car : Expert Tips

There is usually a lot of thought and research that goes into buying a new car. But what
happens when you reverse roles and you become the seller? We share a few expert tips for a smooth sale at a great price.

Let’s break down the otherwise complicated process of selling your car into stages for better understanding.

Having a good product for the sale
Just as you would check a potential new purchase to ensure it is in good condition and
attractive, expect the same for your old car too. No doubt a car that has been well
maintained, neat, clean and tidy is far more appealing to the prospective buyer.

 Whether it is the exterior or the interiors, a spotless vehicle is more desirable than
one that is shabby in appearance. Where required, paint work or dents need to be
repaired before advertising the car. The upholstery should be tended to and the
dashboard given a shine.

 Apart from the cosmetic treatment, the real test your car will be put to will be during
the test drive, it needs to Start, Steer and Stop. So make sure obvious mechanical,
electrical and electronic parts operate. The vehicle needs to go through a thorough
check, any parts to be replaced needs to be done, like globes and fuses.

 If the tyres are worn and battery is low, get them replaced, even if exchanged for
second hand .This will make for lighter scrutiny by a potential buyer.

 Having a product in good shape is well worth all the effort you put in. The extra
expenses you have to incur will, anyway, help in effecting a quicker sale and give the
buyer confidence , also giving you more bargaining power too.

 Finally, the car’s papers are just as important as the car. Ensure you have all relevant documents ready and updated. Besides the service records, ownership proof,
roadworthy certificate and any Finance Company Pay out figure if required must be
made available.

Preparing for the sale
Now that you have done some groundwork, there is still some amount of preparation you need to do before putting it on the market.

 For starters, you will need to establish an asking price , this can be tricky as the
tendency to overprice or under quote should be avoided. The true worth of your car
depends on two factors: 1) the average price at which the make and model sells for
needs to be ascertained, 2) the condition of the specific vehicle you have for sale.

 You can refer to the prices for your make and model online or among dealers. Settle
for what you think will be the most appropriate in line with the market place.

 Then there is the question of the platform you want to reach out to potential buyers
on. There are options like going to a dealer, publishing it in the classified sections in
newspapers or listing it online. Dealers have overheads and will give you less but
effect a sale faster. Newspaper classifieds are losing their share of the market to online
mediums. The online option can be cheaper and may produce more enquiries.

 Lastly, how you present the ad is critical. It should be straight forward giving all information about the vehicle. Be honest without exaggeration about the car’s condition. Photos help increase interest in potential buyers.

Conducting the sale
Once the advertisement is placed, the inquires should start to come in. Watch out for those who come across as serious and committed and arrange for a meeting with them.

It is best to invite them over to your place, for safety reasons. Offer a test drive after verifying their credentials mainly their photo driving licence. You must accompany them on these drives. The buyer would need to also inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Remember to take their feedback and note their intent so that you can decide if other potential buyers need to be entertained.

Closing the sale
The last step of selling your car is arriving at an agreement. Unless you have chosen to list your car at a higher price to provide room for negotiation, Try to advertise your vehicle competitively and stick to a near offer. Any concerns raised by the buyer should be answered confidently.
Once an agreement is reached, a deposit should be collected, a receipt given for the deposit. till such time the outright sale proceeds are received and car is picked up.

Selling a car privately will gain you a slightly higher price than if you were to go through the trade. However many people don't want to go through the dramas of selling their vehicle privately.

At Cash For Cars Now, we understand how the motor industry works ,we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your car selling experience goes smoothly without you having to sell to the private market yourself. All you need to do is contact us on 1300 78 12 78 or visit our website and we will do the rest , an obligation free quote, free mobile service within Sydney Metropolitan area, instant settlement, simply hassle free and immediately.

Thursday, April 28, 2016



When you sell  your car , or it’s no longer in your possession, it’s your responsibility to lodge a Notice of Disposal . If you fail to do this and you no longer have the car, you could be held responsible for parking, toll notices and other driving offences until the new registered operator transfers the registration into their name.

Lodging a Notice of Disposal helps you avoid unnecessary fines. If you receive a toll notice or infringement for a car  you no longer have in your possession, you have the opportunity to advise the issuing agency that you’re no longer responsible for the vehicle, generally by submitting a Statutory Declaration advising name and address , Licence number,disposal date and so forth of the new operator .

When selling your car to Cash For Cars Now we ensure that all disposals and transfers are carried out promptly , avoiding the unnecessary drama of completing , witnessing and lodging statutory declarations . Contact Cash For Cars Now on 1300 78 12 78 or visit our website

Honest Price for your Car

With so many cars for sale on the private market today, it's difficult to know where to start finding out what your Vehicle is worth, wouldn't it be nice to do Business with someone and be assured you will get an Honest price for your Car immediately.
 Cars advertised on-line seem to vary so much , It would seem nearly impossible to know who are asking the right price, who are asking too much, how long they have been for sale .what price they actually sold for, regardless of their asking price.
 Considering many people can tend to exaggerate about their car's condition ,what condition is the advertised car really like. unless you inspect many vehicles and keep a lengthy record you wouldn't have a hope .
Analysis of the Market place takes time , effort and plenty of know how. This is where Cash For Cars Now comes in, we will come to your place of employment or Home to inspect your vehicle. Once this is carried out we investigate and research many aspects of the market place, as we do this all the time it doesn't take long for us to get back to you with an Honest price for your vehicle.
To get an honest price for your Car contact us on 1300781278 or visit 
 Hear what many of your clients say about us.
It was a pleasure to do business with you on the occasion of selling my car. I liked the idea of Cash for Cars Now, You quoted me an honest price for my car. There were no hassles, you were courteous and professional on the car inspection and subsequent negotiations.
David if I have the opportunity of being able to recommend you to any of my friends who might be selling their cars, I would be happy to do so, knowing they would get the same good service I received. Sincerely wishing you every success.
Pat Monahan
South Coogee

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cash for Cars Now Process is so simple and hassle free.

Cash for Cars Now Process is so simple and hassle free.

You have an old car , you need to sell it, but unsure how to go about selling it with the least problems and in the quickest time.

Life is so busy these Days, having to work and look after your Family and other situations going on .Not needing the extra dramas you look to find someone to buy your car immediately. You feel a bit apprehensive about how the process works. You make a few enquiries , some companies want you to take your car to them over the other side of town, then what ? How long does it take ? How do they pay ? how do I get home ?

Well Cash For Cars Now does it so easy for you . You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home , no inconveniencing anyone to pick you up, no worrying about how you get paid, "Cash for Cars now" says it all , we pay Cash for your car on the spot. We travel to your place of work or to your home, Inspection doesn't take long at all, offering you a fair and equitable price for your car. We make sure all paper work is carried out legally, so you don't receive any infringements or toll notices after the sale. Find out more and go to our website Many of our customers recommend us after their sale to us, like the following.

  " I had an old Holden Vectra that I wanted to sell. I knew it wasn’t worth that much and dreaded the thought of the hassle and time required to sell it and look for a replacement car.

 I happened to see the Cash for Cars Now advertising and ,although I was a bit sceptical at first as to how it would all work, I gave them a call.

David Woollard’s whole approach made the entire process so simple and hassle free. All dealings were done at my place so it was very convenient – no running around to other places.

 Originally I was only going to sell the Vectra to him, however he was able to find a very good replacement vehicle.  The courtesy and honesty he displayed is something that is not always found in the motor vehicle industry. He turned up when promised, communicated very well and even helped me transfer the rego on the replacement car. I am very happy with the reliability and quality of the car I purchased from him.

 I have no hesitation in recommending David Woollard from Cash for Cars now for selling and buying cars."

Shane Harvey, Thornleigh.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Selling your car before moving overseas.

Selling your car before moving overseas.

You are making the big move overseas ,the Challenge of your life time, many things are on your mind , your financials, address changes , the Furniture and possessions , Family situations and so forth . The last thing you want to think about is the sale of your Family car , who will buy it ? , we need it till the last days to get around !  when can we let it go ? . Well, we have the answer for you !
At Cash for Cars Now will come to your home or work at your convenience to inspect your vehicle, we give you a fair appraisal , as most people require their vehicle for that last moment run around, we coincide the sale and settlement to the time that best suits you,

At settlement we pay you Cash , Bank Cheque or by Bank Transfer, we ensure all paper work is carried out legally to the tee , this makes sure that you won't leave any stones unturned whilst you are overseas, you don't need the dramas of receiving any Toll notices, infringements of any kind to cause any complications. Find out more by visiting our website
We at Cash for Cars Now have purchased many vehicles from People leaving the country , we have made it our Business to streamline this process to make sure your move runs smoothly. Hear what our clients say on a regular basis.

We recently sold 2 cars to "Cash For Cars Now", the service we received was exemplary. From first contact David was professional and could not have been more helpful, he came to our home to value the cars and gave a fair evaluation and price. The process of handing over the cars was made absolutely stress free and ran perfectly. David completed all paper work for us, explained thoroughly the process and was always there to answer any questions we had. The service we received was second to none and we highly recommend him. Thank you so much David you made what can often be a stressful situation so easy, we are very grateful.
Michelle and Stephen Malcolmson
 Northmead, NSW

Wednesday, January 27, 2016



Sydney is probably one of the world's major cities with the most number of road routes attracting a toll. Many motorways are fully electronic tollways, you will need an electronic tag which is normally affixed to your windscreen and a toll is charged and must be paid electronically. As your car passes a toll point your electronic tag beeps and your trip is recorded, The  toll is usually debited from an arranged credit card facility which has been set up prior. However if a tag is not affixed, the fee is recorded and a toll notice is sent to the current registered owner operator.

 It is so important to ensure the vehicle you have just sold has the disposal notice completed and lodged to Services NSW or on-line. This saves the hassle of completing and organising witnessing of statutory declarations to be posted back notifying the new owners details.

Cash For Cars Now ensure that all details of transfer are completed and notified immediately after purchasing your vehicle , we can be contacted on 1300 78 12 78 till late 7 days a week or visit our website to get more information.