Thursday, April 28, 2016



When you sell  your car , or it’s no longer in your possession, it’s your responsibility to lodge a Notice of Disposal . If you fail to do this and you no longer have the car, you could be held responsible for parking, toll notices and other driving offences until the new registered operator transfers the registration into their name.

Lodging a Notice of Disposal helps you avoid unnecessary fines. If you receive a toll notice or infringement for a car  you no longer have in your possession, you have the opportunity to advise the issuing agency that you’re no longer responsible for the vehicle, generally by submitting a Statutory Declaration advising name and address , Licence number,disposal date and so forth of the new operator .

When selling your car to Cash For Cars Now we ensure that all disposals and transfers are carried out promptly , avoiding the unnecessary drama of completing , witnessing and lodging statutory declarations . Contact Cash For Cars Now on 1300 78 12 78 or visit our website

Honest Price for your Car

With so many cars for sale on the private market today, it's difficult to know where to start finding out what your Vehicle is worth, wouldn't it be nice to do Business with someone and be assured you will get an Honest price for your Car immediately.
 Cars advertised on-line seem to vary so much , It would seem nearly impossible to know who are asking the right price, who are asking too much, how long they have been for sale .what price they actually sold for, regardless of their asking price.
 Considering many people can tend to exaggerate about their car's condition ,what condition is the advertised car really like. unless you inspect many vehicles and keep a lengthy record you wouldn't have a hope .
Analysis of the Market place takes time , effort and plenty of know how. This is where Cash For Cars Now comes in, we will come to your place of employment or Home to inspect your vehicle. Once this is carried out we investigate and research many aspects of the market place, as we do this all the time it doesn't take long for us to get back to you with an Honest price for your vehicle.
To get an honest price for your Car contact us on 1300781278 or visit 
 Hear what many of your clients say about us.
It was a pleasure to do business with you on the occasion of selling my car. I liked the idea of Cash for Cars Now, You quoted me an honest price for my car. There were no hassles, you were courteous and professional on the car inspection and subsequent negotiations.
David if I have the opportunity of being able to recommend you to any of my friends who might be selling their cars, I would be happy to do so, knowing they would get the same good service I received. Sincerely wishing you every success.
Pat Monahan
South Coogee