Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cash For Cars Sydney- passionate about motor vehicles

Cash For Cars Sydney- passionate about motor vehicles

Cash For Cars Now are passionate about motor vehicles and are experts in the motor industry field. We are well equipped to help you navigate through the problems of selling  your car .

Our success speaks for itself in our ability to deliver results, with our free mobile service  throughout a network of over 33 service locations across the Sydney Metropolitan area,  our agents can purchase your vehicle, 7 days a week till late.

Cash For Cars Now is committed to results and will work to the best of our ability to draw from a specialised pool of resources and an expert knowledge base to purchase your vehicle that reflects a fair value for the immediate market .

Settlement is made immediately by bank cheque, funds transfer or paid directly cash in your hand. It's so simple just call 1300 78 12 78 or visit the website for more details

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