Sunday, February 28, 2016

Selling your car before moving overseas.

Selling your car before moving overseas.

You are making the big move overseas ,the Challenge of your life time, many things are on your mind , your financials, address changes , the Furniture and possessions , Family situations and so forth . The last thing you want to think about is the sale of your Family car , who will buy it ? , we need it till the last days to get around !  when can we let it go ? . Well, we have the answer for you !
At Cash for Cars Now will come to your home or work at your convenience to inspect your vehicle, we give you a fair appraisal , as most people require their vehicle for that last moment run around, we coincide the sale and settlement to the time that best suits you,

At settlement we pay you Cash , Bank Cheque or by Bank Transfer, we ensure all paper work is carried out legally to the tee , this makes sure that you won't leave any stones unturned whilst you are overseas, you don't need the dramas of receiving any Toll notices, infringements of any kind to cause any complications. Find out more by visiting our website
We at Cash for Cars Now have purchased many vehicles from People leaving the country , we have made it our Business to streamline this process to make sure your move runs smoothly. Hear what our clients say on a regular basis.

We recently sold 2 cars to "Cash For Cars Now", the service we received was exemplary. From first contact David was professional and could not have been more helpful, he came to our home to value the cars and gave a fair evaluation and price. The process of handing over the cars was made absolutely stress free and ran perfectly. David completed all paper work for us, explained thoroughly the process and was always there to answer any questions we had. The service we received was second to none and we highly recommend him. Thank you so much David you made what can often be a stressful situation so easy, we are very grateful.
Michelle and Stephen Malcolmson
 Northmead, NSW


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